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Astraware Word Games

Jeux littéraires
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Love word games? Then look no further than this brain-teasing pack of 5 different word games in 1 easy to use pack!Each game has a choice of difficulty levels or grid sizes and options for Classic untimed or Timed games. All 5 games include instructions and tips on how to play. Connect to Facebook and see how you compare to your friends and family!
The 5 games are:
Shuffle – Make as many words as you can with the jumbled letters provided including the 5, 6 or 7 letter target word or anagram to unlock the next level. The more small words you get, the bigger your score. Use the Shuffle button to mix the letters up and help yourself spot more words! Great for fans of Boggle!
Hexxed – Make words by tracing your finger through the tiles to make a chain within the hexagonal grid! Two play modes – limited tiles or limited time. Create long, interesting or unusual words to keep your word power score up and earn more tiles or time!
Wordsearch – Find all the listed words within the grid of letters, horizontally vertically, or diagonally! Play using the standard dictionary, or choose from over 20 special lists of themed words!
Gridlock – Make words by tracing your fingers through the letters to make a chain. As you make words this lights up the tiles. Light up the whole grid to level up! Use special tiles to boost your word power, score bonus points and more.
Spellmaster – Challenge your spelling skills against words of increasing difficulty. Choose or guess the correct spelling from a choice of 4 words, 3 of which are misspelled!
The game also includes a built-in dictionary where you can check the definitions of obscure words. Access it through the Awards tab or by tapping on a word while you play! It will also keep a handy text scrapbook of the recent words youve seen in case you want to find out what a new word means and you can even share the definition on Facebook!
View the bookcase full of awards to see all the achievements within the game, each of which is based on a classic book, with its own doodle!